“Selection and Election of the Correct Person as the Head of the State”-The BIGGEST challenge before the Sinhala nation at the forthcoming Presidential Election-Part 1

By Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Now thanks devas finally the dates for the Presidential Election 2019 (nominations 7th Oct & Election 16th Nov) have been declared at last by the Election Commission after so much of uncertainty and speculations, the biggest challenge before the Sinhala nation today (I mean the Nation of this land called  Sinhale /Sri Lanka for millennia that includes all citizens of the whole island S,T, M & all citizens in the country as it had been before 1815), is the selection and election  of the correct person as the head of the State” who can,

First, reclaim the Augean mess created by the politicians of this country for the past 71 years since 1948, more particularly during the last 4 ½ years.

Second, solve the sky high problems heaped up before this country, due to the blunders made by those who are supposed to have ruled this country since the so-called Independence in 1948 and thereafter, (again more particularly during the last 4 ½ years)

Third, restore and rectify the lost rights of the Sinhala nation in particular while safeguarding the legitimately due rights of all communities in this country and

Fourth, who can and who will decisively shape the future destiny of the Sinhala Nation?

This of cause is not an easy task. But it is also not intractable and unachievable if one has the will and the capacity. What is more is it has to be done at any cost to save the country and the nation just now and not later. Because, if you miss this golden opportunity you will never get it again.

The first priority in this Herculean task is putting an end to four and half years of absolute anarchy in this country, now almost bleeding to death, created by Ranil and Sirisena duo, overflowing with utter chaos and confusion as there was no government since Jan 2015. This has to be immediately followed up by restoring national security, law and order, good Governance and sanity, elimination of the pandemic virus of the tyranny of 71 years of British manipulated party and minority politics and containing external threats and undesirable foreign interference in domestic affairs, eliminating large scale robbery, corruption, extravagance and wastage of public funds, abuse of authority and misuse of power in the state sector and bringing up a new political culture by eliminating all corrupt and useless politicians and political cancers like the Provincial Councils, these being the basic prerequisites of good and just Governance. It has also to be followed up by laying a sound foundation for economic development and nation building to make this Island nation, once again a stable, strong, prosperous, and vibrant and a peaceful country and finally rebuilding the lost glorious heritage of this Sinhala nation.

The biggest challenge in this new mission before the Sinhala Nation is the selection and election of the correct Head of State at the forthcoming election as the President for the next six years.

First and foremost he has to be an extremely patriotic statesman, who has the character, stature and ability,  to restore all what the country’s past leaders failed to regain at the so-called Independence in 1948 or thereafter, up to date. For example the original name of the country, the nation’s rights over the motherland, native language, system of government and administration, judicial system and the status of the religion (Buddhism) as they existed at the time of annexation in 1815, to make this country a fully free, Independent and a sovereign nation;

Secondly, he also has to be a strong leader with far reaching vision and extra ordinary qualities of proven leadership and direction who can command the forward march of this broken and bankrupt nation in to a robust and vibrant nation that can make its own mark in the modern world.

Looking at the prevailing extremely chaotic and messy political situation in the country and how all anti Sinhala and anti-Buddhist forces both at Home (Tamil Tigers and Muslim Wahhabis extremist, communalists Colombo based foreign funded mentally sick and disoriented NGOO and the westernized fast dying kalu sudda kolombian cabal) and abroad (ex-colonial nations of the West led by UK and US together with their agencies like UNO,UNCHR, USAID, NORAD and Amnesty International, Tamil Diaspora  (LTTE remnants), ISIS and India) are trying to make capital out of that situation by organizing themselves with intrigue and all the political, economic and military power and trade mechanisms at their command to destroy this country and the Sinhala Buddhist civilization, we also have to select a leader who has proven qualities to resist and defeat all these pressure groups effectively and  who can mobilize the whole nation for the task of nation building at least for the next ten years.

This is not an easy task by any means. But the crying need, to select and elect the correct iron man or woman who has the leadership and capacity to overcome all these challenges, with unwavering strength, remains the cornerstone of this whole mission. In the event of our failure to elect the CORRECT LEADEAR supported by an eminent team, the same past tragic process will continue and you will see the grand finale of the disappearance of the Sinhala nation and its civilization from the surface of this planet in no time.

I warn you all patriots that this is the last opportunity and the best chance god has given us to find the correct leader this country needs at this moment. April 21 incident is a forewarning on this prophecy and also in a way a blessing in disguise. In order to make the correct choice you have to first unite under the lion flag as one indomitable national force setting aside all your blind political, religious and all other petty parochial personal alignments.  Then and then only, you can defeat all these enemy forces to liberate the motherland. Whoever he is going to be, he should definitely be a strong and true Sinhala Buddhist who loves this country and the Sinhala nation. You should never make a mistake about that selection this time. The onerous of that historic national responsibility is now squarely cast upon you by destiny. Therefore it is your duty and prime responsibility by the nation and posterity to select such a person at this election as the days of the Sinhala nation and its 2500 year old unique Sinhala Buddhist civilization are clearly numbered. If you fail in your sacred duty by your country and your nation this time, you will be definitely witnessing very soon the disappearing of the Sinhala nation and the Sinhala Buddhist civilization from the face of this planet, as the days are definitely numbered.

The person you are going to elect should be a leader of the highest stature and proved leadership ability with full powers of an ancient benevolent Sinhala Buddhist King, who can carry out the vision of our ancient Kings such as Dutugamunu, Parakramabahua and Vijayabahu (1) and Anagarika Dharmapala, the undisputed modern day champion of Sinhala Buddhist revival, to make our dream of nation building a reality while conforming to and meeting the economic, social and technical challenges of the 21st century by transforming this Island nation to a miracle in Asia.

This is not difficult at all considering the location of this Island right at the centre of the Indian Ocean half way between the East and the West on the world’s most important trade route, with its enormous geographical and geopolitical advantages unmatched by any other country, with a mighty Indian Ocean extending from Africa in the West to Australia in the East and perhaps South Pole in the South. The only missing link we lack is the correct type of political leadership to make this dream a reality.

When you look in retrospect the way how blindly and with what servility and how faithfully the local successors to British colonial rule since 1948 (of cause with very few solitary exceptions like DS, SWRD, Mrs B, Lalith and MR, (of cause also in a limited way only) have carried out their British contract to the very letter yielding to their commands, as we were a bunch of uncivilized aborigines, and have ruined this country almost beyond redemption, without replacing the colonial system imposed on us by force with a home-made system of independent system of governance based on our own civilization a pointed out by Gunadasa Amarasekara in his Sabhyatwa Rajya), the need for such a new and towering native leadership has become extremely critical and all the more important today than at any time in the long history of this country.

All post 1948 Governments have totally and miserably failed to build up this country as a fully independent, free, sovereign, prosperous, vibrant a peaceful nation as it should really be. They all have blindly and meekly followed the Westminster system of alien governance as a British model in the East, aiding and abetting the colonial masters to continue their policies of subjugation, two way exploitation through their exports of goods and technology and imposing trade barriers on imports from colonies, continuing divide and rule policies by supporting the minority communities and suppressing all native resurgence movements. Their system of government, administration, judicial system, language and education and social and cultural values all persist up to date at the expense of all what is native, that was totally destroyed.  As such today we have almost reached the tether of our identity as a nation and the day the curtain will fall on this once glorious civilization on earth is not that far.

I am fully aware these introductory comments will be contested sometimes bitterly by those who don’t know their own history and see everything through the Western servile mentality. I also know definitely that it will stir up a hornets’ nest. But I strongly hang on to that perception and defend it as a true and an ardent Sinhala Buddhist. In defense of my argument for a leader of an ancient King of the like quoted above it suffice to state that this country has the unique record of having been ruled by 196 Kings from 543 BC up to 1815 AD unbroken, a claim no other country in the world can make. Therefore I am convinced that I have a right to have such a lofty and sweet dream.

I am sure all patriotic Sri Lankan who are conversant with the 443 odd years of partial and nearly 150 years of full subjugation, oppression, depredation, destruction and cultural and social vandalism by the Western invaders from 1505 to date first by invasion and aggression and thereafter through their Machiavellian model of occidental democracy, which is completely alien and utterly irrelevant and absolutely unsuitable to our indigenous Sinhala Buddhist civilization context  will share this sentiments with me. Therefore I strongly go for restoring a system of Government under a strong Sinhala Buddhist leader, who will rule the country on the Buddhist principles of statecraft that formed the foundation of righteous and successful governance for millennia in this country, to rescue the motherland and the Sinhala nation from the present critical situation that has already reached the last stages of extinction and disappearance from the surface of this good earth.

With this lofty ideal in mind I venture here to present a brief critical evaluation of the pluses and minuses of political parties and the aspirant Presidential candidates to enable the intelligent and patriotic people in this country to make the correct decision in selecting and electing the ideal or at least the most suitable person at the forthcoming Presidential election, who can take the country and the people to the above destination.

I must also warn the voters that this is the last chance you will get to make the correct decision. Looking at the way how the two traditional major national political parties and their self-centered leaders have failed in the past and continue to behave even now and how the crafty Tamil and Muslim politicians play their cards to achieve their sinister motives of converting this land in to a mono Tamil or  a Muslim State, I reiterate that if you miss this golden opportunity to give up all your traditional, outdated and blind party affiliation like UNP, SLFP or JVP and misguided ideological convictions and immediately rally round the Lion flag and elect a strong and patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader of the correct type, you are doomed and cursed as a nation and a country. You are not left with any option, but to go for direct action in the manner I have outlined above. If you fail now in this mission you will not have a country or a Sinhala nation to talk about, even in your dreams.

You all know how the Tamils and Muslims are united and globally organized determined to wipe out the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country and replace it with their own. The entire ex-colonial western world is behind them to get the minorities to do what they could not do from 1505 up to date. It is only your unity under the lion flag with one voice that can defeat this global enemy. Unlike in the past where we had to confront only with South India, today we have to deal with a global enemy.

As you all know Tamils think and behave as Tamils and Muslims do the same as Muslims even in their dreams. When it comes to elections they all ways vote only their community men.  So why can’t you also think, behave and act as Sinhalese at least now without blindly and slavishly thinking  and acting as UNP, SLFP and JVP or any other and dig your own grave as a nation the same way we have been doing over the entire past since Independence. May be you are living complacent thinking that we are the majority. Forget that. Today our numbers have no meaning. Politically minorities have become the deciding factor. They have already established full control over the Sinhala Nation by now. If you carefully look at the national economy, ownership of land, particularly in urban areas, rate of population increase, their financial power and their international lobbying power in relation to what we Sinhalese have, you will see where we stand as a nation.

The division created by the British among Sinhala people such as Kandyans and Low Country has now almost disappeared. Even the caste differences are fast disappearing with the expansion educational and occupational opportunities and increasing social mobility and also through inter-caste marriages.    The division as Buddhists and Catholics/Christians also has narrowed down. All these factors have resulted in a closer integration of the Sinhala people on a common denomination. The most encouraging strength behind this new we Sinhala” consciousness and unity as one force is the newly created unity between the Sinhala Buddhist and Sinhala Catholics in the wake of the 21st April Easter disater. Full credit for this newly born sense of Sinhala solidarity and togetherness should go to the exemplary leadership and solidarity demonstrated by Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit in his recent remarks on the status of Buddhism and other religions and the Sinhala people in this Island nation. I think his comments have completely removed the division between Sinhala Buddhists and Sinhala Catholics. This in my opinion is the most important political development in the Sinhala electorate ever since Independence. I only wish that the Sinhala Catholic and Christian politicians will follow suit to further cement this religious harmony to bring the Sinhala nation under one flag disregarding what faith they profess. This in my view is a happy and welcome departure from the traditional divisions that divided the Sinhala people in to socially and politically antagonistic segments. This is a very welcome trend we must build upon to unite the Sinhala nation.

Therefore under these critical circumstances I appeal to you all patriotic citizens over 1, in the name of my motherland and my Nation to give up and renounce all your present political and other alignments and wait for my advice in Part 11 to be followed in a day or two in this column.

Next in part 11 to be followed, I will give you a brief analysis about the present status of the main Sinhala political parties and the candidates nominated  for the Presidency  to prove that none of them or their so-called leaders can meet the above requirements to rescue this country from the present crisis.

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